Global TEAM Model Education Research Institute


Introduction of the Academy

TEAM Model Smarter Education Supporting System has been widely, systematically and normally applied in more than ten countries and regions globally. Global TEAM Model Education Research Institute (GTERI for short) integrates the academic researchers and practitioners of smart education to focus on the research of TEAM Model smarter education, in order to establish a global research platform of smart education and educational big data research center. The center will gradually extract and provide the professional smart education services, including Teacher Professional Development (theory), Big Data In Education (norm), Smarter Lecture Database (case), and Global Collaboration and Communication (mechanism), to become the smarter education research institution leading in the innovation of worldwide education.

Objective of Research

Researching on the theory and techniques of smarter education, extracting and researching the big data of teaching behaviors, researching and refining the pedagogical application (smarter teaching model) and the smarter classroom, establishing an adequate database for the typical smarter classroom, promoting the professional development of teachers, it is intended to assist and track the construction and development of TEAM ModelSmarter School and district, in order to achieve a more ideal education environment where students are taught based on their talents, to accommodate their personalities and enhance their capabilities.


The key of innovation is the teachers.

The theory of teacher professional development is established.

The cornerstones of the smarter classroom are good teachers. And good teachers are generated from the professional development. The professionalization of teachers is the trend of the worldwide education. In this tide of global educational reform, people are getting to realize that the key of success to educational reform is the teachers. Only when the teachers are getting more professional can the education achieve higher quality and quantity. Therefore, when each single teacher achieves a higher professional level, leads the lessons pro-actively, and becomes the designer of the classroom, the classroom can be changed. The TEAM Model Academy seeks to establish the adequate database to promote the professional development of teachers from both theory and practice aspects, but not to suit the lessons passively. The education reform can only be achieved when the reform and development are promoted in a cooperative manner.

Digital Collection and Analysis

Constructing the Smarter Mode

Through the support of big data diagnosis and analysis systems, the interactions between the teacher and the students in a class, the teaching method applied by the teacher, and the Q&A between the teacher and the students can be analyzed digitally. By collecting the teaching messages in the class, and helping teachers to upgrade their professionalism, such as active trends, interaction data, tool usage data, method application data, question marking data, response marking data, total scores of all interactions, interactive application of teaching materials, graphic and text application, etc., the academy may further analyze and interpret the implications of these data, and thus construct a norm for teacher as a norm base of teaching.

Sokrates Teaching Behavior Video, “Appreciate the essence of a 40-minute class in one minute”

The smarter classrooms are demonstrated all the time in all the world. It is critical to preserve the complete data and collect the case of the digital classrooms worldwide, to create a proprietary database for the smarter classrooms through the analysis and integration of data, for the use of smarter teachers worldwide.

Sokrates Teaching Behavior Video, created by Global TEAM Model Academy, consolidates the teaching behaviors collected from the Global TEAM Model Smarter Classroom, to become a platform that supports the teaching research and the professional development of teachers. The Sokrates Teaching Behavior Video is a smart video integrating teaching video, data of characteristics of teaching behaviors, reviews of experts for classes, and application of AI analysis. In the video, the abundant smart tabs, which learn and evolve, are applied. When view the video, the smart tabs can be click any time to toggle to the corresponding location, and thus saving fast-forwarding, back-forwarding, and shuttling. The statistical data and analytical graphs of the whole teaching behaviors are attached as well, so that the viewer may “appreciate the essence of a 40-minute class in one minute.”

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Worldwide Interaction and Cooperation Platform of the TEAM Model

Since there is no place now that cannot be reached by the internet in the world, the challenges faced by teachers and students are not limited in Taiwan only; they shall look around the world. The TEAM Model Smarter Schools are located all over the world, and have had certain establishments and achievements. The schools replicate and spread the success model through cooperation and interaction, cultures and cases are exchanged as well for the purpose of data collection. Be it the conduct of team races, discussion of the professional development of teachers, or shared learning and interaction among students, a great interaction has been achieved. It is sought to establish an international cooperation and interaction on the aforesaid basis, and this is also the emphasis of the Academy.

About TEAM Model Smarter Education System

TEAM Model Smarter Classroom Supporting System is the first-of-its-kind educational support system in the world that integrates the four teaching sections: teaching, assessing, diagnosing, and remediation. Starting from the needs in the classroom, to develop the integral software of interactive teaching and learning, and combining the cloud technology to collect the records of classroom teaching and learning data, to apply to all kinds of mobile devices for completely connecting the teachers, the students and the parents, for an optimum learning eco-system.

Centered on the HiTeach interactive teaching software, the software and hardware of each classroom are integrated as one, to enable the teacher to experience a modern smarter classroom in one single system. An automatic data collection system is built-in, to collect the big data of the teaching behaviors in classes completely. The data are analyzed and made into graphs real-time to provide the professional and objective data to the teachers, and thus enhance the professional development of teachers. The advantage to have a proprietary class-reviewing expert all the time for tutoring is thus realized, but not the disadvantage of the subjective review from the experts.